Our story



Ali Pharmacy started in the late seventies opening our first branch in Safir Square, Heliopolis Cairo.


Ali Pharmacy grew to Ali & Ali chain of pharmacies after 9 challenging years. Market Leadership of the chain was due to the availability of chemotheraputic drugs which was not available in the market at that era before


Driven by total Customer Satisfaction ,Ali& Ali started the nineties by establishing a management company.

The new millennium

The company presented itself in a new image, Ali’s Image .It’s a management company that will manage chain of pharmacies through clear mission ,vision & philosophy.


Ali’s Image re-branded itself into prestigious chain of pharmacies with more services and becoming

Al’ Image


  Inspiring the lives of Egyptians by offering total wellbeing, through offering high quality products and unique specialized services.

  We will achieve this in a special and uplifting retail environment with genuine care and understanding and a fast and convenient service.

  We aim to make a difference in the quality of people’s lives through our expertise, passion and innovation.


To provide a world class expert healthcare ,specialized retail and pharmaceutical service, that enables Egyptian consumers to achieve a high level of wellbeing so that they can live high quality inspired lives

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